I have been creating pottery for over 20 years in the New England North West of New South Wales, Australia, my art practice consists of domestic ware, sculptural pieces, mosaics and public artworks. After years struggling to navigate the art versus craft conundrum, I have finally concluded (with a huge sigh of relief and liberation) that I can do both and will now divide my practice between the two.

My work can be purchased in galleries throughout the New England North West region of NSW. Click here to to view  my work  practice on the Australian Ceramics Directory.

This is a short video of me throwing bowls.


Recent Exhibitions

Inclusion II

Weswal Gallery, Tamworth September-October 2016



Tenterfield Artists’ Collective Studio, August-September 2015

Sense of PlaySense of Play Invitation_0002

New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM)